Is Your Casual Wardrobe Ready for Spring and Summer?

You work hard, you study hard, and you play hard. That means that when the spring and summer months roll around, you probably need to replace things like your board shorts, tees, and sandals. When you look good, you feel good, so check out the stylish yet practical selection at Wayne Sporting Goods when you’re ready to update your warm-weather look.

Board Shorts and Tees

nike hurley board shorts and tees

Our Hurley board shorts and tees are always popular and fly off the shelves quick as the weather gets warmer. It might be because of how comfortable they are, or perhaps how easy it is to move around in them. Of course, the fact that they always have eye-catching prints and patterns doesn’t hurt, either. Hurley board shorts are made from fabrics with just enough stretch to be comfortable, and most of them have a water-repellant finish to help keep you dry. You can find just about any color you are looking for, too. The tees are usually a soft, cool cotton that feature a simple design and a perfect length.

reef board tee

Reef is another brand of board shorts and tees that seems to always be in demand. Their board shorts can include a side-pocket with Velcro closure and key loop so you don’t have to worry about losing anything. The Reef Simple 20” board shorts are extra soft for extreme comfort and usually hit slightly above the knee. Another popular design is the Reef Futures 19” board shorts that offer a 4-way stretch for the best fit and the most freedom of movement. Finally, the Reef Simple Tee is just what it says it is: a classic tee made of a sueded cotton-polyester blend so it keeps its shape.

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes!

Once you’ve updated your wardrobe, it’s time to think about a new pair of shoes. Sandals are always in and always in demand during the warmer months.

reef womens sandals

We’ve got Reef sandals and flip-flops, like the men’s Fanning style sandals, named after the superstar surfer Mick Fanning. These awesome sandals are water friendly, offer superior arch support for your comfort even on long walks, and – get this! – a bottle opener in the sole of the shoe. It’s hard to find a practical sandal that is so stylish, but the Reef Fanning sandals have succeeded.

ladies summer flip flops

For the ladies, we feature Reef Escape Lux flip-flops that are also water friendly, offer arch support, and are environmentally friendly with their PVC-free design. The toe post on flip-flops can be a problem, but not with the Reef Escape Lux sandals, since they have an oval-shaped post design for maximum comfort. They also have a wonderful rubber cushion that makes walking a pleasure, and a contoured foot bed so you never need to worry about someone mistaking them for men’s shoes. Finally, these delightful flip-flops are available in a myriad of colors, so you can always find a pair to match your outfit.

Rainbow Sandles with bottle opener

We also carry Rainbow Sandals for the ladies, known for their trendy designs, durability, and, of course, the woven Rainbow label. This awesome line of sandals includes their flagship design, the Single Layer Premier Leather with Arch Support. What makes these sandals special is their use of premier Nubuck leather, single layer arch, and feminine look. Another popular Rainbow Sandal is the Single Layer Premier Leather with Arch Support and Narrow Strap, which offers the same features as the sandal we just discussed except with more narrow straps to enhance that feminine, girly look. A third take on this design is the Flirty Braidy – Single Layer Classic Leather with Arch Support with a Braided Strap. This sandal has an outer strap that is braided Nubuck leather and an inner strap that is top-stitched leather trim. Such a seemingly minor change really makes this ladies’ sandal stand out. These are some of the hottest sandals for keeping cool, without a doubt.

mens rainbow sandals

Of course, don’t think that the Rainbow Sandal brand is leaving the men out. For example, guys will love The Islander – Men’s Black and Gray Soft Rubber Top Leather Strap. This is a true comfort sandal. Their simple design, cushiony sole, and friendly arch support will keep you comfortable all season long. Rainbow Sandals also offers the men their classic Single Layer Premier Leather with Arch Support. With Nubuck leather, a single layer arch, and a masculine style, these will be some of your favorite sandals. And don’t forget Rainbow Sandals’ long-term commitment to environmentally responsible design and manufacturing.

knitted hey dude shoes

We also feature the Hey Dude Wally X Sox shoe – a shoe for all occasions that you may never want to take off. These trendy shoes are known for being the lightest weight shoe you can find on the market today. They have a low-top, chukka style forefoot vamp that is wide enough to allow for comfortable circulation in the toe area. This is combined with insteps designed to be slightly lower to help prevent your foot from slipping. These shoes are so well designed that they even work with custom orthotics. The outside of this unusual shoe is made from a special textile knit that is flexible, durable, and breathable. You simply cannot go wrong when you add these shoes to your closet.

From Sanuk, we have the Chiba sidewalk surfer made from a durable canvas upper with a soft inner canvas lining. The footbed is molded EVA that has an anti-microbial additive that will reduce odor-causing bacteria, which means your shoes will stay fresh and clean smelling for longer. Men seem to love them for their comfort, style, versatility, and durability. Also, we carry Sanuk “The Sea Man” classic boat shoes that come with laces (optional for wearing, of course) and a collar cord. The footbed has a high rebound and is also made from odor-reducing EVA. Of course, we also carry a Sanuk flip-flop: the Brumeister. These comfy shoes have a yoga mat footbed and a beer-bottle tread.


super cool water bottle

We need to stay hydrated during the sweltering summer months, so while you are updating your spring and summer wardrobe, be sure to grab a Swell beverage bottle! These are not your typical water bottles. Their unusual design includes a leak-free screw-on top, a condensation-free design so the outside of the bottle stays dry, and a wide base to prevent spilling. They come in so many colors and designs you can be sure to find just the right one to match your lifestyle or your outfit.

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