Create A Team Store



Your Items

Choose from hundreds of products to offer your customers the best selection possible from brands like Adidas, Under Armour, and Nike. We can help direct you to the best sellers.



Your Logo

Either send us your logo or we can create one for you. Once we have your items and logo selected, we can start to build your store. You also have the option to add custom #’s and names.



Your Price

You decide if you want to make a profit on the items sold. If your cost on a hood is $35, we can sell it in your store for $35 and you make no profit, or we can sell it for $40 and you make $5 for every hood sold. The amount you charge is totally up to you.



Let Us
Do The Rest

Once you have selected your items, logo and price, we will take care of the rest. WSG will handle the online payments, email order confirmations, and pack individual orders for pick up and/or delivery.

Online Stores

Online Stores allow teams to showcase custom products to their players, parents and fans. WSG will set up a team store at no cost and work with you to pick out your items and choose your logos. Once the items are listed on our site at your team price, customers pick out exactly what they want to order, pay online and then the items are shipped directly to their house, dropped in the athletic office or they can pick up at our store. This streamlined process eliminates the coaches/parents from taking orders and figuring out who has paid. The best part of having a team store is that it is open 24 hours a day during your buying period so even the busiest families will have time to order!