Embroidery at Wayne Sporting Goods

Here in the bottom floor of our Wayne, PA shop, we have one of the more sophisticated embroidery operations in the Philly area. Since 2007 this production has been on-site — a move we made that is critical to our speed and turn-around time.

Most of our clients are Philadelphia area sports teams, organizations, and businesses, who need quality apparel branded with their logo. We also offer screen printing and other clothing customization options, so you may ask, why focus on embroidery? A couple reasons.

Why Choose Embroidery for Team and Company Apparel

First, embroidery is extremely durable compared to printing. The thread used to create the design can be washed many times without damage or fading, unlike screen printing. It can also hold up to the rigors of athletics in the same way.

Second, embroidery offers a wide array of colored threads for use in designs, unlike screen printing, which is typically 1-5 colors. And again, not only is there a good variety of thread colors to use, the threads are durable and hold color better than printing. Further, multiple colors do not add to the cost of producing the apparel, unlike for printed apparel.

Third, embroidery offers an air of professionalism that printed apparel lacks. Clothing branded with embroidered logos can and often is heavier than that which is used for printing. The customized elements themselves also look higher-effort and quality.

If you are in the greater Philadelphia area and interested in Embroidered apparel, get in touch with us!

Our History

The future of Wayne Sporting Goods looks very bright because the principles that the business was founded on over 60 years ago are still alive today. We look forward to the next 60 years!


The WSG Experience

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