Wayne Sporting Goods Online Team Stores: Preparing for the Holidays

At Wayne Sporting Goods, we offer online stores that allow organizations like yours to showcase and sell custom products. We’ll set up your online store at no cost, and that includes working closely with your organization to decide which items the team needs and to choose the best logos for those items. Whether you are selling to fans, players, or their parents and grandparents, you’ll find that our team stores are a hassle-free, streamlined solution.

Benefits of WSG Team Stores

First, you receive expert advice on the best items for your players and which items are likely to sell the best. When your organization or school sets up a team store with WSG, you’ll be able to avoid the usual headaches involved with taking orders, struggling to figure out who has paid, and then trying to get the orders to the right people.

All orders and payments are handled through the online store. We can even bag the items and can take care of shipping for you. In short, we remove all the stress and frustration from getting your team kitted out!

Types of Products for Team Stores

We have a huge variety of brands and products for your organization to choose from Under Armour, Adidas, Nike, Holloway, New Balance, Charles River just to name a few. And there are so many different items to choose from.

online sports clothing

Running and jogging enthusiasts will enjoy the appearance and functionality of Under Armour brand shorts and will enjoy the opportunity to show their team spirit when those shorts have their son or daughter’s team logo on them. Good quality ball caps with your team’s logo embroidered on them make excellent holiday gifts, especially for parents or grandparents who like to show their team spirit.

For those customers who are always out and about in the icy cold, check out the custom beanies that allow them to stay warm and feel like part of the team. These are excellent for a younger audience, but anyone would love receiving one as a Christmas gift.

Every student needs a rugged backpack. You can make holiday shopping easier on parents by offering Under Armour backpacks with a school logo or seal embroidered on the back. Not only will students enjoy the chance to show their school pride, but parents will be able to give them a gift that is as functional as it is cool. We’ve also got a wide range of hoodies and t-shirts to choose from, all from well-known brands. You could put the school seal on some quarter-zip long-sleeve shirts that are perfect for those wintertime workouts.

school sports team uniforms

You can also offer hoodies and t-shirts with the school logo or name clearly emblazoned across the chest, choosing from brands such as Adidas, Nike, Alpha, and Next Level. For a slightly more formal look, there are attractive polo shirts with a small logo. Another option would be matching sets that include customized hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, or regular t-shirts that go along with a matching pair of fleece pants. You can also find clothing made especially for sports such as football, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, golf, track, and more. The possibilities almost seem endless!

Selecting Items and Logos

Once you’ve browsed through our product offerings, we start working with you to narrow things down to the best-selling items that still fit your needs. We recommend the logo style works best on each item, getting all those details nailed down before we proceed any further.

How to Make a Profit

The next step involves working up the team cost for each item. You can sell the items at cost, but keep in mind that you will not make any profit that way. We can build in a profit on each item. Let’s say a ball cap with your organization’s logo on it has a base cost of $12. We can add an additional $2.50 to the price, resulting in a total cost to the customer of $14.50. If you sell 100 of these caps, your organization will make a profit of $250. If you chose to make profits from the sales, then Wayne Sporting Goods will cut your organization a check covering your share of the proceeds from sales.

Setting Up the Store

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Once the items, logos, and prices have been finalized, Wayne Sporting Goods will build your store. First, we’ll need to know your desired opening and closing dates. Keep in mind that if you intend to sell during the holidays, you’ll want to time the store closing so that customers will get their orders delivered in time to wrap them up for their recipients.

Once a store closes, all items are typically delivered within 4 weeks (assuming we don’t run into any problems with manufacturer inventory issues). Once the store goes live, it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until its closing date. During that time, customers can place their orders any time, day or night. Once the site closes, the items arrive at our store within about four weeks.

Getting Orders to the Right People

You have some options as to how customers receive their orders. A representative from your organization can come by to pick up all the items and you can handle distributing them. If they live locally, they can come to the store to pick up their orders. Finally, the orders can be shipped. Regardless of which way your organization chooses to handle things, each order is individually bagged and clearly labeled to make distribution far easier.

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