The WSG Story – Sporting Goods on the Main Line for 62 Years

After three generations of owner/operators from the Galczenski family, Wayne Sporting Goods is entering it’s 62nd year of operation, and the 60th in it’s current location at 124 E Lancaster Avenue. This summer, we put together a new video telling some of the story of the store and its owners:

Three Generations Selling the Best Sporting Goods on the Main Line

Starting with custom sports team uniforms and expanding into a full selection of general sporting apparel and equipment, it took Wayne Sporting Goods several years to evolve into the shop it is today. After two years of expanding inventory, in 1957, Alvin Galczenski Sr. moved the business first to a shop on North Wayne Ave, and then shortly thereafter into its current location. Since then, the business has been a fixture of the Main Line, changing little as Alvin Sr.’s son Roger first took over operations, and then Roger’s son Steve joined to help run the growing business.

About 20 years ago, the Main Line shop was renovated, and Roger’s wife Karen came in to build up the Women’s Apparel section. Since then, the two floor location in the middle of downtown Wayne has been the Main Line source for both Men’s and Women’s sports apparel, custom team and corporate apparel, and sporting goods of all sorts. To hear more about our story, take a look through our new video, as well as the redesigned home and about pages we launched to highlight this new video, and let us know what you think!

Video Transcript

I’m Steve Galczenski, third generation owner of Wayne Sporting Goods. WSG was founded by my grandfather Alvin in 1955. We sell footwear, apparel, and equipment to local families, high schools, colleges, youth leagues, and the general sporting enthusiast.

It was always cool to hang around the store as a kid. All my friends were jealous. I would be coming to school with all the new Jordans and Bo Jackson, and they’d all be ‘aww man, how can I get some of those?’, and I’d say ‘Well, your Dad’s gotta own a sporting goods store’.

I’m Roger Galczenski, owner of Wayne Sporting Goods. My Dad said ‘If you want to give it a go, you can have the business’. Fifty years later, I’m still here, and I have my son with me. He’s going to run this, and hopefully his son will take over from him and we’ll have the longest lasting business that ever hit the Main Line.

One of my favorite memories is when my son Steve called me; he was working for an accounting firm, and he said ‘Dad, do you think there’s room for me in the business?’. And I said, ‘You can come in tomorrow, we’re ready!’

So I gave my notice, I came in here. Its very rewarding to work for yourself, work with your family, work for your community. We do custom embroidery for teams, corporations, and people looking to custom logo their items. We sell name brands, such as Nike, Under Armour, North Face, Adidas, as well as many other smaller brands. We take pride in our business, and we put in the time necessary to keep it running well.

We’re part of a great community here on Lancaster Ave. It’s a great walking town, we have a very loyal community of families who support not only our store, but the other stores and restaurants. The customers end up becoming part of your family. And at the end of the day, with out the customers and our family, we wouldn’t be where we are.

Our History

The future of Wayne Sporting Goods looks very bright because the principles that the business was founded on over 60 years ago are still alive today. We look forward to the next 60 years!


The WSG Experience

Check out our video to take a virtual stroll through WSG!